He is Industrious, lively, vibrant personality and a humble heart who has given every single minute of his life to serve the members who have been associated with NRI Institute, Shiromani Institute and BIB Media. Manu Jagmohan Singh is the Secretary General of NRI Institute, Global Punjabi Society and Shiromani Institute. He is also assigned a most prominent and challenging seat of Editor-in Chief of BIB Media which successfully takes out two Magazines; ?NRI World? and ?Real Estate Observer?. Assigned the posts in 2012 after his father left for his heavenly abode, Manu Jagmohan Singh has never looked back thereafter.

As it is said, Life teaches us so many things and he has learnt it all in short span of three years and has taken all the organizations to great heights. Manu Singh, a proud citizen of India lives by the value systems established by his father. He gives his time and attention to the causes he is committed to, to ensure that the legend of Jagmohan Singh lives on.

He got the right grooming from his parents and grew up in the midst of a mixed culture of journalism and entrepreneurship. He brings with him vast knowledge, a sharp mind to understand the roots of media world and a charming persona to capture the hearts of people who come in contact with him. He has taken all and imbibed with the energy and freshness of youth to take all the organizations under his flagship to the horizon his father had desired and dreamt of.

Manu Jagmohan Singh?s quickness, humbleness and treating everyone at par has made him develop cordial relations among his peers. The employees feel comfortable working under his flagship. He has been a great source of inspiration and support for his co-workers, associates and employees who have proved fruitful and business prospects have received a wider prospective. This man of action and speed has made businesses spread far and wide and achieved monumental victories as indicated from the figures made available.